Qualification Abilities Known Since
PHP Development Through the dozens of PHP-based projects I have completed, I have gained a great understanding of how the language works and how to develop object oriented, modular, maintainable PHP code. Early 2002
JavaScript I can use JavaScript tastefully and effectively, and I always make sure that any page that uses JavaScript will remain completely functional when JavaScript is not enabled. Mid 2002
AJAX I've been implementing AJAX-like user interactions since before the term AJAX even existed. Mid 2002
XHTML and CSS I am able to use XHTML and CSS to provide table-less, elegant, logical code identical to a given Photoshop image. Early 2003
XML I have an in-depth understanding of how to effectively implement XML solutions and apply the DOM, XSLT, and XPATH technologies surrounding XML. Early 2003
C++ I am capable of writing Windows-based applications with an object oriented approach using C++. I can also create 2D games. Late 2003
C#/ASP.NET I have a basic understanding of the ASP.NET architecture, and a growing interest in C# (mainly due to XAML and LINQ). Late 2006
Scheme I have a thorough understanding of Scheme and the concepts of functional programming languages. Early 2007