Why Me

You're probably scratching your head and saying "There's a million developers out there, why should I chose this guy?", so here's the answer.
Reliable, On-Task Developer
I have been relied on by many different people in need of my services to finish on time, and to offer prime support on all work. I've successfully completed many different applications on fully functional and on time.
Efficient Worker
I waste little time while programming. I can complete tasks efficiently, quickly, and correctly.
Extremely Fluent English
Good communication means that the project gets done right the first time. A proper understanding of the English language ensures that miscommunications do not occur.
Quality Feedback
With the experience that I have acquired over the years as a developer, I will provide suggestions and feedback regarding the usability and functionality of your application. You will, of course, have the final say on decisions, but I will always engage a discussion to ensure that the most logical path is taken.
If something isn't working, I persist at finding a solution, as opposed to simply implementing a quick workaround that will break in two weeks under altered circumstances.
Customer Satisfaction
I'm determined to make sure that all customers are fully satisfied and happy with what I have delivered for them, and I am determined to make sure that what I have delivered is what the customer actually wanted in the first place.